What new or emerging risks does digital transformation entail in manufacturing companies?

Here is the evidence, with easy-to-use summary sheets, but also with all the bibliographic references useful for further study.

Below are the publications currently coming out of the research activities

  • "The occupational health and safety risks of ongoing digital transformation. A knowledge management software powered literature review", Falegnami A., Tronci M., Costantino F., (2021) XXVI Summer School “Francesco Turco” – Industrial Systems Engineering. 08-10 September 2021.

  • "New and Emerging Hazards for Health and Safety Within Digitalized Manufacturing Systems", Costantino F., Falegnami A., Fedele L., Bernabei M., Stabile S., Bentivenga R., Sustainability 2021, 13(19), 10948; https://doi.org/10.3390/su131910948.

  • "Innovazione Tecnologica nella manutenzione e rischi per salute e sicurezza", Costantino F., (Anno XVIII, n° 10, ottobre 2021), Manutenzione T&M (manutenzione-online.com).